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About Us

As long as David Schreiber could remember he was creating and building toys. Uncle Skunkle Toys first came to being as a thesis project for David Schreiber’s Master Degree in the early 1990’s. Upon his graduation and a move to Hong Kong “UST”, as we call it, became a design and development firm mostly focusing on the toy industry in cooperation with Indes Design. In 1999 UST signed a licensing agreement with Pressman Toy giving them rights to promote and sell Rapid 4, a game concept David came up with when was thirteen years old. That year the game received recognition in Parents Magazine as one of their Top Toys of the year.

Today Uncle Skunkle Toys is mainly a game company selling our products under our own label in the USA. Uncle Skunkle Toys develops games that not only look good in your living room, but that are fun for the whole family to play. We believe a good game is one that combines a bit of chance with a bit of strategy and put a dash of each in all of our products. This is why young and old can play our games and both find them challenging.

Uncle Skunkle Toys is also committed to its community and the environment. Our staff work with charities such as Kids Ark in Thailand and many other programs throughout the world to ensure each of us has a bright future. We use rubber tree wood when ever possible, which is a by-product of rubber harvests and is a sustainable resource. Our packaging is reduced to a minimum, and every effort is taken during manufacturing to reduce waste.

This year we have been working hard in our secret lab with our toy tester, Yots, to ensure you get the best games in your hands. Yots has been really busy and we hope to add three new games to our line up, which you’ll love. Oh, one last thing – our biggest pleasure in creating games is to watch other people play them and hear your stories and comments, so please write us.

As we say around here, Play On!

-Uncle Skunkle