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Our Charities

Uncle Skunkle Toys is committed to being a responsible member of our world community. At UST we feel some of the greatest assets we can give to the community are our business and product development skills. Our staff volunteer hundreds of hours each year, focusing on area’s of social entrepreneurship. One organization we work with and actively support is Kids Ark of Thailand.

Kids Ark helps children who have been somehow affected by the Aids epidemic. This is a tragic problem in Thailand as it is in many other parts of the world. One way to help these children is to make sure the parents have successful employment opportunities in their local villages, so that they do not have to be employed in high-risk occupations in the big cities.

UST staff, through business connections and hands on time in the villages, has helped Kids Ark secure equipment, materials, and manufacturing contracts to ensure the villages they work with have a brighter future.

We have been quite pleased with the end results of our efforts and have seen some real positive changes. But we alone can only do so much. Our success has been a result of many other companies and individuals donating resources and time.

We would encourage all members of the ever-growing Uncle Skunkle Tribe to give back what ever time and resources you can to the communities around you. If you would like to find out more about Kids Ark please visit http://www.kidsarkfoundation.org/.